How to Cancel Figo Pet Insurance

To cancel your Figo Pet Insurance policy, you must first log into your account. Once logged in, navigate to the “Manage Your Policy” section and select “Cancel My Policy”. You will then be prompted to provide a reason for cancellation and enter any additional comments that may help explain why you are cancelling the policy.

After submitting this information, a confirmation email will be sent to the address associated with your account confirming that the cancellation has been accepted. If payment is still due on the policy at time of cancellation, it must also be paid before coverage ends. Finally, if there is an unused premium refund owed after cancellation is complete, it should arrive within 30 days of notification or as otherwise specified by state law or regulation.

  • Contact Figo Pet Insurance: Reach out to the customer service team at Figo Pet Insurance by calling their toll-free number or sending an email
  • Provide your policy details, such as name and address associated with the policy, and state that you would like to cancel your pet insurance coverage
  • Receive Cancellation Confirmation: The customer service representative will confirm the cancellation of your policy and provide a reference number for future reference if needed
  • Make sure to keep this information handy in case any questions arise in the future about the status of your pet insurance coverage with Figo Pet Insurance
  • Verify Refunds: Ask if there are any refunds due on unused portions of premiums paid for previous months, as these may be refundable according to Figo’s policies and procedures
  • If so, request that they send a check or complete a wire transfer transaction according to instructions provided by them after verifying all relevant information is correct and accurate before making payment arrangements for refunds due from Figo Pet Insurance company
  • 4 Get Final Confirmation: After receiving final confirmation from both sides regarding cancellation process is completed then contact local authorities (if necessary) notifying them that you no longer have active pet insurance coverage with Figo Pet Insurance company

Figo Pet Insurance Vet's Opinion

Can You Cancel Figo Anytime?

Yes, you can cancel your Figo subscription anytime. All plans are month-to-month, so there is no long term commitment and you may cancel at any time with no penalty or cancellation fee. Canceling is quick and easy—simply log in to your Figo account and select ‘Cancel Subscription’ from the Settings tab.

Once cancelled, all of your data will be stored within our system for up to 12 months; however, after that it will be permanently deleted should you choose not to renew the service. If you have questions about how cancelling works or need help during the process please don’t hesitate to contact us – we’re here to help!

Can I Just Cancel My Pet Insurance?

When it comes to pet insurance, you may be wondering if you can just cancel your policy. Unfortunately, the answer is not as simple as a yes or no. Every pet insurance company has its own cancellation policies that you should familiarize yourself with before making any decisions.

Generally speaking, most providers will allow for cancellations at any time during the policy period but there may be fees associated with doing so and some companies require advance notice of 30 days or more. Additionally, depending on how far along in the plan year you are when canceling coverage, the premium refunded could vary significantly from one company to another. Of course, if you decide to cancel your pet insurance policy altogether then it’s important to understand what this means for future medical care of your furry family member – without coverage in place they would have to pay out-of-pocket costs for any vet visits and treatments needed going forward unless alternative arrangements were made ahead of time.

Ultimately, canceling pet insurance should only be done after careful consideration and research into all available options because once gone it cannot easily be reinstated without starting a whole new policy from scratch.

Does Figo Pet Insurance Go Up Every Year?

Figo pet insurance is a great way to ensure the health and safety of your beloved pets. With Figo, you can get coverage for unexpected accidents or illnesses at an affordable price. But one question that many people have when considering pet insurance is whether their rates will go up every year.

The good news is that with Figo, you don’t have to worry about rate increases each year. Unlike other pet insurers, your premium rate won’t automatically increase annually with Figo. Your premiums may stay the same as long as your plan remains unchanged and you renew it on time each year!

You also won’t be subject to any additional charges or fees because of age or pre-existing medical conditions—which means that if your pet has ongoing health issues, they are covered no matter how long they live under the policy. Plus, all Figo plans come with unlimited annual wellness exams so that your furry friend stays healthy for years to come! So if you’re looking for peace of mind when it comes to protecting your pets from illness and injury without worrying about increasing costs over time, then look no further than Figo Pet Insurance!

How Long Do I Have to Cancel Pet Insurance?

Canceling your pet insurance policy is an important decision and one that should be made with care. Depending on the policy, you may have anywhere from a few days to more than 30 days before the cancellation becomes effective. If you are considering cancelling your pet insurance, it’s important to know exactly when the coverage will end so you can make sure there is no gap in coverage for your pet.

Generally speaking, most policies allow for a grace period of 10-30 days after initial enrollment for cancellation without penalty or fees; however this varies by provider, so it’s best to check with them directly if you have any questions about timing or conditions of cancelation. You should also take into account any pre-existing condition provisions in the policy as they may affect the ability to get covered again at a later date if needed. The bottom line?

Take time to understand all of these details and make sure your furry friend has continuous protection throughout their life!

Figo Pet Insurance Reviews

Figo Pet Insurance reviews from customers are overwhelmingly positive, with many citing their efficient claims process and quick reimbursement as two of the main reasons for choosing Figo. Additionally, customers report that customer service is friendly, knowledgeable and helpful in answering questions about coverage options. Overall, Figo Pet Insurance appears to be a popular choice for pet owners looking for comprehensive coverage at an affordable price.

Figo Pet Insurance Login

Figo Pet Insurance offers pet owners a convenient and secure way to manage their pet insurance policies. With the Figo Pet Insurance Login, policyholders can easily access their account information, file claims, set up payment plans, view coverage details and much more. The login process is simple and only requires your email address or phone number plus your password.

Additionally, the website provides helpful online customer support for any questions you may have about using the service.

Figo Pet Insurance Customer Service

Figo Pet Insurance provides exceptional customer service for their policyholders. Their team of knowledgeable and friendly professionals is available 24/7 to answer any questions you have about your policy, claims, or other inquiries. They also provide helpful resources, like an interactive claims guide and live chat support, to help make the process easier.

No matter what issue you may be having with your pet insurance plan, Figo’s customer service team will do everything they can to assist you in a timely manner.

Figo Pet Insurance Phone Number

Figo Pet Insurance is committed to providing the best customer service and offering a wide range of pet insurance coverage options. If you need assistance with your policy, their team is available by phone Monday through Friday from 8:00am-6:00pm EST at 1-888-FIGO-PET (1-888-344-6738). They also offer online help 24/7 via chat or email.

Figo Waiting Period

Figo is an online pet insurance provider that offers customizable coverage plans to fit your pets needs. One of the main features of Figo’s policies is their waiting period, which must be kept in mind when considering a policy for your pet. The waiting period indicates how long after purchase you must wait before any claims are eligible to be paid out by the insurer.

Generally speaking, most Figo policies have a 14-day waiting period, meaning any incidents occurring within this period will not be covered under your plan until it has expired. It’s important to understand and consider this time frame when selecting the right policy for you and your furry friend!

Figo Orthopedic Waiver Form

The Figo Orthopedic Waiver Form is a legal document that must be signed prior to any orthopedic surgery. This form outlines the potential risks and benefits associated with the procedure, as well as any associated costs such as anesthesia, hospital stay, or other services. It also provides information about post-operative instructions and possible complications.

By signing this waiver form, you are agreeing to accept all responsibility for the outcome of your surgery.

Figo Pet Insurance Reddit

Figo Pet Insurance has been active on Reddit since 2014, and it’s a great place to find out more about their offerings. Not only do they have an official Figo subreddit where users can ask questions and get advice from other pet owners, but they also participate in relevant conversations in other subreddits. They’re always willing to answer any questions you may have about pet insurance coverage so it’s worth checking out if you’re considering getting your furry friend insured!

Figo Pet Cloud

Figo Pet Cloud is a cloud-based pet health and wellness platform that allows users to store, share and access their pet’s medical records. With the Figo Pet Cloud app, owners can easily track appointments, medications, immunizations and other important information related to their pet’s health in one secure location. By connecting to your veterinarian’s office via the app, you can get instant updates on new appointments or reminders when it’s time for vaccinations or checkups.

Additionally, with Figo’s 24/7 emergency vet helpline service you can connect with an experienced veterinary professional anytime day or night for help with any urgent needs.


In conclusion, cancelling Figo Pet Insurance is an easy process that can be done quickly and without much hassle. All you need to do is call their customer service team, provide the necessary information, and they will help you cancel your policy in no time. Cancelling pet insurance with Figo can leave you feeling relieved knowing that your beloved pet won’t have to suffer from any financial burden if they experience a medical emergency or accident.

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